Cauliflower Pasta

  • How many carbs are in your Cauliflower Pasta?

    Our Cauliflower Pasta has 45g of net carbs per serving. When comparing gram for gram, our CAULIPOWER pastas have 18% less carbs and 19% less net carbs than other pastas!
  • Is your Cauliflower Pasta Gluten-Free?

    You bet! Every CAULIPOWER product is certified gluten-free. Our founder started the company because her two sons have celiac disease, which means we guarantee that all of our products are gluten-free and most importantly, taste-FULL.
  • Is your Cauliflower Pasta Keto?

    Have a look at the Full List of Ingredients and NutritionalInfo to see if we fit into your health journey! Born from the need for tastier gluten-free options, we believe that there should be healthier, TASTIER solutions for different diets, sensitivities, and lifestyles, so if we don't fit your ...
  • Is your Cauliflower Pasta Vegan?

    Yup! Our Cauliflower Pasta - which looks, cooks, and truly tastes like fresh pasta - is fully plant-based. It will reinvent the way you do vegan pasta night!